Our resort also comprises of great 1BHK & 2BHK bungalows with a private lawn and spacious halls. These bungalows are facilitated with all modern amenities to have a splendid time with your family enjoying the evergreen and chilly weather in the close proximity of nature.

Our cozy 1 BHK bungalow only has a ground floor and comfortably accommodates 5 to 6 people

A big common hall, one storey with two bedrooms will be available in our 2 BHK bungalow which can accommodate 9 to 10 people

A NOTE OF CAUTION: There are few private bungalows in the vicinity of our resort who provide only accommodation without food and no amenities. They are misusing our brand name. You are requested to verify the facts with us on above number, so you don't get disappointed/cheated after check in with those private bungalows.