Dining And Restaurants

Cloud 9 Hills Resort & Restaurant provides a variety of Food and Beverage options ranging from Indian Spice to Oriental flavours. As more and more people are realizing the importance of vegetarian food we have followed the policy of pure vegetarians with healthy diet. With our 7 Heaven vegetarian restaurant (For Guests and Walk-Ins) already being the part of our resort, we have opened 3 new restaurants

  • Roof Top Restaurant (A la carte)
  • The Boat House (Only for In House Guests)
  • Sunset Coffee House

With new cuisines and elegantly picked sites for our restaurant which give you the perfect view every time. Our Sunset Coffee House as the name suggests gives you the best view of the sundown so that you can enjoy your tea and snacks in the twilight or get up for an early breakfast and watch the sun rise as you sip your coffee.

The Boat House being on top of the resort gives the full view of the resort and the scenic beauty. It is situated just by the Luxury Hill Top Suite. You can enjoy your meal with the perfect weather and a perfect view with the perfect people

Imagine yourself sitting on the chair and being surrounded by clouds, the wind caressing your hair under the starry sky. A moment so flawless that it makes you feel like you could get on the clouds and fly away to paradise. We are talking about our Roof Top Dining, best for couples looking for a romantic evening or private parties.